Infertility impacts 1 in 6 couples in the U.K. alone. Worldwide, infertility is a huge issue that is still somehow a taboo. Amber in a Teacup was created to share my own experiences but also to help other people feel less alone. I want to help you feel comfortable talking, sharing and letting go of your own internal feelings and so your own blog posts are truly welcome!

If you would like to submit a guest blog post, head over to our Homepage to see the type of blog posts we publish and what engages readers the most.

  • Write content that is relevant to the blog, regarding your own experiences of infertility whether it be your own fertility, your experiences as a friend or family member, for example.
  • Write content that adds value for readers; we welcome ‘how to’ and advice/tips as well as emotive pieces.
  • Ensure you have done a search of Amber in a Teacup to make sure you are not publishing something that has already been written. Personal experiences are individual so do not worry about writing your own story – this will never be a duplicate!
  • We will only accept original and authentic content which has not been duplicated or copied from other blogs/websites.
  • We do not allow any affiliate links, referrals or spam within our guest posts.
  • We recommend you add images to your post. If you do so, they must be original images or include credits for the owners/source.
  • Guest posts will not be changed however we do reserve the right to edit any grammatical errors or change the wording should it be necessary. We also reserve the right to remove anything we deem to be inappropriate, should the rest of the post be accepted.
  • By submitting a guest post to Amber in a Teacup, you give us copyright ownership of the content.

Please submit your blog posts by sending an email to: If you wish to remain anonymous that is perfectly okay, or if you would like to use a pseudonym then that is also absolutely fine.

Feel free to leave a back link to your own blog or a link to your Instagram!

We endeavour to let you know within 72 hours if your post has been accepted and when it will be posted.

Love, Amber x

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