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Born in the East of England, I’ve lived in the North and South, now settled back in the East with my husband and my dog. I’m an avid tea drinker, adorer of wine, lover of Friends and a pretty average 20-something year old female, the wrong side of 25 and fast approaching my third decade on planet Earth. In 2018, after trying to conceive for three and a half years, I was told that I was infertile. I had two blocked fallopian tubes that through no lack of trying, were refusing to unblock and were later removed from my body. I really struggled with being told I was unable to conceive naturally and experienced every feeling of grief imaginable. Shortly after, I started my blog as a way for me to release my internalised thoughts and feelings, which later became an attempt to normalise the conversation of infertility and contribute to the removal of stigma and taboos.

I have now somewhat come to terms with my diagnosis, and two fresh cycles of IVF and ICSI later, I am preparing to travel to Greece for my third fresh cycle. We have unfortunately had incredibly poor outcomes so far, and so this time we are turning it all on its head, trying a whole new protocol with a new consultant and a whole new country. I feel positive and optimistic for what is to come, and it is my goal to navigate the world of infertility as a twenty-something woman with a whole lot of life to live.

Infertility has totally changed me as a person. It reject the concept that I am strong because I have had no choice than to be, but it has taught me to be patient, to trust the process, to live freely and without a firm plan (something I have always really struggled with… control freak!), enjoying every day as much as I possibly can, to find beauty in the small things, and learn that my body is not the enemy but my home. I am on a mission to take back my life from infertility, and whilst it is very much a part of me, ensure that I do not hand myself over to it. I am Amber before I am infertile, and I will love my life, I will be happy and my life will be wholesome, however it turns out to be.

I write about everything from infertility, guides to navigating the world of trying to conceive, places to visit and things to watch, what to wear, things to eat and where to drink. My whole life is not infertility, and yours doesn’t have to be either.

My aim is for you to feel heard, to feel accepted, to feel like you too can find peace with your life’s potholes. They might seem big, they might seem bumpy; you might be worried that they’ll cause one hell of a lot of damage, but you can navigate around them. They’re part of the road, not the whole route.

I hope you love it here.

Amber x

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