How to Make the BEST Super Slutty Caramel Brondies

Hi, my name is Amber and I am a chocoholic.

I have been a self-proclaimed chocoholic for as long as I can remember; I have never and will never relate to those individuals who tell me they don’t like it. If I’m really honest with myself, it’s more of a sugar addiction than a chocolate addiction. Whilst I truly believe that chocolate is the top tier flavour and nothing quite beats a large bar of Dairy Milk when PMS takes hold of me, I love anything sweet, and anything that means the nutrition information on the packaging is solid red.

My love for sweet has developed more recently into a love for baking, something like many people I used to do every week with my Grandma. It always fills me with such a wholesome feeling of home. My Italian husband regularly calls me his English Rose because my ideal life would be that where I lived in a cosy cottage in the middle of the countryside, with a garden full of chickens (in theory, I’m actually petrified of the things – don’t ask me why), a wisteria front and multiple rose bushes, spending my evenings drinking wine with a Jane Austen classic after an afternoon filling the house with scents of warm shortbread and cinnamon rolls. There is something about baking I find so therapeutic, and I always find when you nail a recipe, the food almost tastes a million times better because you know that you’ve done that yourself.

Over recent months I have been baking more and more, delivering them every weekend to my family and friends for them to try. So far, my Grandma and father-in-law are my biggest fans, with my Dad beginning to look with sheer horror when I turn up with a box full of goods, not because they taste bad, but because he knows my bakes are not for the faint hearted. They are gooey, they are chocolatey, and girl… are they good.

Last weekend I played around with some staple recipes and created my very own version of the slutty brownie. I have seen many versions of the slutty brownie do the rounds on Instagram, with numerous incredible cake shops absolutely nailing them (yes, Wilma’s, I’m looking at you…), but I decided I wanted to step it up a gear… and so I did. I took inspiration from recipes by the incredible Jane Dunn (Jane’s Patisserie) and combined a couple of her recipes… with a twist.

You are about to be privy to the most wonderful slutty brondie (brownie and blondie) recipe you will ever get your hands on. Are you ready?

Now wash your mouth out, because I promise you these are the filthiest things you’ll ever experience. Introducing… the super slutty caramel brondie!



  • You can eat these hot or cold. I initially made the mistake of cutting them to eat hot before leaving them to cool. Leave them to cool first, and then if you would like to experience one hot, heat it up. If you cut it before it’s set, you risk completely ruining the layers.
  • A blondie is traditionally a vanilla brownie and doesn’t have to have white chocolate in it. I prefer to add white chocolate as I feel it really makes it, but by all means go ahead without.
  • I personally wouldn’t advise you substitute the ingredients for low fat versions, it can mess with the consistency. Full fat is meant to be enjoyed.
  • I like to use Dairy Milk Caramel, Twix and Rolos, but you can swap these for any chocolates you want. I wanted these to be the ultimate caramel super slutty brondies and so it made sense, but you can personalise it and try different flavours however you want in their place.
  • I recommend serving with a hot cup of tea and sitting down with a good book (or an episode of Gilmore Girls), for the full, cosy, slutty experience.
  • I’ve created this recipe with a 10 x 10inch baking tray; if you don’t have a square tray, you could use a 9 x 11inch instead.
  • If you prefer a richer tase to your brownies, substitute the milk chocolate chips with dark chocolate chips. I chose milk chocolate as it is already a very heavy, sweet recipe that I didn’t want to make it too rich.
  • If you want to change it around, put the blondie layer at the bottom and the brownie at the top.



For the blondies
250g unsalted butter
125g white granulated sugar
125g soft light brown sugar
3 eggs
1tsp vanilla extract
200g plain flour
150g white chocolate chunks

For the caramel centre
100g unsalted butter
2 tbsp caster sugar
2 tbsp golden syrup
200g condensed milk (I buy the Carnations condensed milk and use half of it)
Pack of 4 Twix
Pack of 4 Rolos
Pack of 4 Dairy Milk Caramel

For the brownies
200g unsalted butter
200g dark chocolate
4 eggs
275g caster sugar
100g plain flour
50g cocoa powder
200g milk chocolate chips


  1. Start by preheating the oven to 180°C (160°C fan), and line a 10 x 10inch baking tin with greaseproof paper. If you don’t have any paper, you can grease it with vegetable oil, coconut oil, or butter/margarine.
  2. In a smaller bowl, melt the 200g unsalted butter and the 200g dark chocolate. You can do this in the microwave in 20 second bursts, ensuring you stir between each burst, or in a heatproof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water. Once it has melted, leave it to cool to room temperature.
  3. Whisk together 4 eggs and 275g caster sugar for about 5 minutes. I advise using an electric whisker – you need to mixture to expand so it is light and fluffy. It should double thereabouts. If you are doing this by hand, it will take longer, so expect some graft!
  4. Fold in the buttery chocolate mixture, and gradually sift the 50g cocoa powder into the mixture, folding as you go.
  5. Add 100g plain flour, again folding gently. Add the milk chocolate chips here and fold through to create a nice brownie mix. Pour the brownie mix onto the parchment paper in your tin.
  6. Once you have an even brownie mixture in the pan, break up all 4 of the Twix bars (8 fingers) and place them gently across the top of the mixture. Use 2 of the Dairy Milk Caramel bars and do the same. Make sure you scatter them; they don’t need to be placed neatly. Leave the topped brownie mixture to the side whilst you continue. Wash up your mixing bowl to save you using another for the blondie mixture.
  7. Put 100g unsalted butter, 2 tbsp caster sugar, 2 tbsp golden syrup and 200g condensed milk into a medium sized saucepan over a medium heat and stir continuously.
  8. Once the sugar has dissolved, turn the heat up to high and using a whisk, stir continuously. You can expect to be stirring for around 6-8 minutes – it is really important that you continuously whisk to stop the mixture both burning and catching. The caramel gets extremely hot so please be careful as it can splash. Don’t be alarmed if it looks like there are golden bits appearing – it is the mixture caramelising and it will soon all be that colour.
  9. Once the caramel has thickened and it has created a lovely golden colour and has thickened up to a nice caramel consistency, pour on top of the blondie mixture. Once cooked, this will create a caramel layer similar to that of a Millionaire’s Shortbread, but with chocolate surprises!
  10. Using a wooden spoon, beat 250g melted butter, 125g white granulated sugar and the 125g soft light brown sugar. Add 1tsp vanilla extract and 3 eggs, and again beat until smooth.
  11. Gradually add the 200g plain flour, beating until combined. If you are adding white chocolate chips, fold them in gently at this point.
  12. Pour the blondie mix evenly on top of the warm caramel mixture. Top with 3 packs of Rolos and the remaining Dairy Milk Caramel pieces.
  13. Bake for 35-40 minutes. When you take it out of the oven it should have a slight wobble in the middle.
  14. Place the remaining Rolos gently on top. The bottoms will melt to stick on once it has set.
  15. Leave to cool to room temperature in the tin. Once it has reached room temperature, place the tin into the oven for at least 2 hours.
  16. Cut into 12 pieces (or more… or less! It’s your choice how big!) and serve.



I really hope you love this recipe as much as me. It’s a real indulgent treat, but one I haven’t stopped thinking about ever since.

Trying it yourself? Make sure you take pictures of your bakes and tag me in your pictures on Instagram. You can find me at @amber.izzo.

Happy baking!

Love, Amber x

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