Happy Monday! Positive Vibes for the Week Ahead

2020 is absolutely flying by; I absolutely cannot believe that it is the first Monday of October already. I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and the 10pm curfew isn’t ruining your vibe too much. My Instagram was plagued with people who simply started drinking earlier; bed by 10pm is certainly good for the hangover.

In a world currently plagued with negativity, uncertainty and downright madness, Monday’s will now consist of a weekly blog post with a roundup of positive news and my favourite finds from all over the internet that are guaranteed to brighten you week. Start your week off right, with a smile on your face.

First up – news we all want to hear – a study has found that watching cute animals is great for your health.

Instagram has been flooded with premature Christmas enthusiasts, and I found these novelty ‘boobie baubles‘ from ‘The Funky Pot Shop’, which are most definitely making an appearance on my tree this year!

Lucia Keskin got a haircut, and now I can’t stop watching this. If you’re a Mamma Mia fan and don’t laugh, then I question your Mamma Mia loyalties.

Jane at Jane’s Patisserie has released her recipe for CHOCOLATE ORANGE NYC COOKIES and I am all over this. Adding to my ‘things I must bake in the very near future so I stop drooling just thinking about it’ list.

I found Bloomon UK and found out there was such thing as a ‘flowergram’, which  I am totally obsessed with and tempted to order myself. How cool is this? This particular flowergram is the sunflower edition and is part of a collab with the Van Gough Museum. It’s my birthday next month, kids… hint, hint, hint.

Here‘s a cute cat that keeps letting other cats out of their enclosures at a rescue centre…

This man raised over $7000 for the humanitarian crisis in Yemen by cycling from Poo Poo to Pee Pee, including cycling down Sharts Lane.

My girl crush on Katherine Ryan has continued to grow after having finally binge watched ‘The Duchess’ on Netflix – which you have to watch. This is why.

Glamour magazine have teamed up with Boots for a series of digital wellness events that are covering everything from mental health, to nutrition, and sexual confidence. You need to be on this.

These three puppies had a bit too much fun in their owner’s makeup room… woops…

And this 21-year-old exceeded all of our drunken mistakes, and got herself stuck in a tumble dryer.

Have a lovely week!

Amber x



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