Thoughtful gifts for your friend going through IVF

With 1 in 6 couples staring in the face of infertility, chances are you know someone, or will know someone, or even are someone, who will need IVF.

When our friends or family go through a hard time or have a major life event occur, we often want to buy them a gift to show our support. Sometimes, when faced with a crisis, we want to buy ourselves a present as a treat or a pick me up. Given the fact that IVF is more often than not a result of infertility, an incredibly hard situation for any couple to deal with, buying gifts to show support during IVF can be a truly tricky challenge. There is the risk of being insensitive (tip: don’t buy gifts for “when the baby gets here”) and downright idiotic (tip: wine definitely won’t be being consumed and the whole aim is for wine not to be consumed for at least 9 months.), so here is a list of fabulous gifts for your IVF embarking friend, or treats for yourself if you are said friend.

And to my friends, no, this isn’t a hint!

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1. IVF Diary – Bear Face Prints

Image: Amber Izzo @amberinateacup

Aren’t these just incredible?! Bear Face Prints have created an IVF Diary to record all things IVF. From the medication to the protocol, things to feel positive about and things to doodle to take your mind off things, Bear Face Prints have created a beautiful diary for those starting the IVF rollercoaster. Created by a woman who has been in those shoes herself, an IVF diary would be the perfect gift to bring a bit of joy into this journey! You can purchase a diary here!

2. Two Week Wait Positivity Cards – Nothing But Lovely UK

Image: Nothing But Lovely UK

I preach positivity and these two week wait cards SCREAM just that! I once bought a friend who had just given birth some ‘milestone cards’ which they loved and I was always excited to buy some when my time came. However, years later and I still haven’t an excuse to buy them so these fill the void wonderfully! The two week wait, whether it be trying naturally or going through IVF, is truly excruciating, so what a fabulous way to inject some positivity into the fortnight. Check them out by clicking here.

3. Personalised Pineapple Keyring – Savage Moons

Image: Savage Moons

How lovely are these little key rings? Certainly not a gift that will break the bank but a lovely sentiment and a touch of personalisation is enough for your friend to know you’re thinking of them. The pineapple has become a symbol of infertility/the ‘TTC’ (trying to conceive) community over the years, and is also the emblem of IVF Babble, so how wonderfully fitting. You can purchase one by clicking here.

4. Moonstone Fertility Bracelet – The Hope Squad

Image: The Hope Squad

How lovely is this moonstone and rose quartz fertility bracelet? Moonstone is supposed to be a wonderful stone for fertility due to its alignment with the moon; a feminine energy, increasing feelings of stability and emotional balance! Rose quartz is said to increase overall fertility whilst also helping to balance emotions, giving a “sense of worth” and letting go of different tensions. Whether your friend is spiritual, into her crystals or not, this gift makes a beautiful, sentimental gift that she can hold on to. You can purchase your bracelet here.

5. Calming Candles – Wild Fern Jewellery

Image: Wild Fern Jewellery

How beautiful is this calming candle? Who doesn’t love a super scented candle? This particular calming Wild Fern Candle is infused with amethyst crystal and clear crystal quartz! With a scent of lavender, cedar wood and ylang ylang, what a beautiful, relaxing scent. Amethyst is said to have healing powers associated with helping heal emotional issues, which is ideal for a woman about to embark on an extremely emotional journey! I love how beautiful these candles look as well; the added foliage to the top of the candle is absolutely gorgeous! You can order yours and view the entire range here.

I really hope you love these gift ideas as much as I do! These sentimental, beautiful gifts would make such a lovely gift for someone starting IVF treatment, whether that be yourself, your friend or your sister. However, the best gift you can give a person going through IVF is simply your love and support; a hand to hold and a shoulder to cry on – you can’t buy a good friend.

Let me know your thoughts! What do you think would be a great gift?

Love, Amber x

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