Nutribuddy Breakfast Shake: A 14 Day Review!

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day, is a meal I really struggle to keep on top of. How hard can it be? You wake up, you make it, you eat it – right?

Working around the clock shifts means my eating pattern is hugely up in the air, eating breakfast at 2pm and dinner at 3am, it’s so hard for me to maintain a balanced diet. If you’ve been following my Instagram for a little while you’ll know that since my operation in March, I have really been struggling with my weight. I have always fluctuated with my weight however, now more than ever, I am struggling to lose it. So, when Nutribuddy asked me to review a 14 day supplement of their breakfast shake, I snatched their hand off! Here is how I got on…

What is the Nutribuddy breakfast shake?

Nutribuddy’s breakfast shake is a gluten-free blend of oats, seeds and coconut. A meal replacement shake with an aim; to fill you up and keep you as satisfied as a normal daily breakfast, without any nasties! It comes it 4 different flavours; chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or ‘naked unsweetened’, most with a crunchy or smooth option. Naturally, I chose the chocolate option with crunchy flaxseeds and coconut flakes. The breakfast shakes are 100% vegan and made from totally natural products, with no chemicals, pesticides or fertilisers used in the manufacture meaning this product is completely clean and nutritious!

When placing your order you choose your flavour, but also get to choose your shaker! You have the choice between pink or black (or both if you really want!) for £7.99. The shaker comes with a little metal ball which ensures your shake is blended as much as it can be. The shaker is BPA free (bisphenol A) and dishwasher safe – excellent! In addition you can order a glass jar (£2.99) or a refill pack for free. I absolutely love the glass jar, it’s so simple and looks great in my kitchen. The best thing is it’s environmentally friendly and reusable! Once you have the jar and the shaker, you only need to reorder the shake. A first time order will set you back approximately £23.97, every time you order the shake on its own it is only £12.99 for a 14 day supply! Not a bad price if you ask me!

How did it taste?

When the Nutribuddy breakfast shake arrived, I must admit I was apprehensive. I had never really tried meal replacement shakes before! It looked great and was so simple to make, however I must admit I wasn’t sure it would fill me up or have any comparison to the feeling you get after a good old bacon butty for breakfast. To make your shake you simply add 3 scoops into your shaker with 300ml of milk. I used semi-skimmed milk however I also tried the vegan alternative – almond milk – and shake, shake, shake!

I was expecting the Nutribuddy breakfast shake to taste powdery and bland; girl, I was wrong! I was obsessed! The crunch added texture and the flavour was so tasty it was unreal. It honestly tasted like I was drinking a proper chocolate milkshake. It was sweet, it was super chocolatey and went down so easily. I am not a coconut lover AT ALL so the fact this was made with coconut flakes was another thing that had all the apprehensive vibes surfacing, however, it isn’t too coconutty at all- if I didn’t know it was in there, I wouldn’t have really guessed! I couldn’t believe this yummy shake was so healthy. A healthy “meal” that tastes like it should be rammed with calories is something I’ll never turn my nose up at!

But, did it fill me up?

Yes! I felt so full after drinking my shake, I didn’t feel bloated and I honestly felt so energised. When I’m starting work at 6am and I’m awake at 4am, I don’t usually have time to eat breakfast but I was finding myself drinking my shake at work, feeling ready for the day instead of falling asleep at my desk. I wouldn’t be snacking on crisps and other unhealthy snacks because I was full enough from my Nutribuddy breakfast shake that I did not feel the need to. Sometimes I would work a night shift and instead of eating a full meal at 3am, I actually had my shake instead which worked wonders and kept me energised throughout the night.

I have actually really enjoyed the last two weeks trialling the Nutribuddy breakfast shake; I’ve also lost 7lbs* in the process! I feel less bloated, more energised and super full without that groggy feeling. This is a product I am definitely going to continue to use; I’ve loved having my daily shakes and I’ve been so impressed with the flavour. Maybe I’ll continue and try a different flavour to shake it up, but all in all I really would recommend the Nutribuddy breakfast shake to anyone looking for a quick and easy breakfast fix!

Whether you work shifts like me, are an on the go parent, trying to improve your diet or simply want a quick breakfast to keep you satisfied and full of energy without the time, Nutribuddy is for you. I hope you love it as much as I do! I can’t wait to try the rest of their meal replacement shakes and products; I have a new found love in Nutribuddy!

Let me know what you think when you order yours! You can do so by clicking here!

Love, Amber x

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*7lbs lost over a 2 week period using nutribuddy shakes however also a balanced diet and regular work outs. Always ensure you continue to eat properly and exercise regularly to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

**Products in the review were gifted by Nutribuddy for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and words are my own. Contains affiliate links.

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