Weekend Update!

In a job with hours around the clock, it’s rare I have a full weekend off. This weekend I took full advantage of the Thursday – Sunday breather and I certainly made the most of it!

Shift work means my husband and I rarely get evenings together where we can be fancy, so on Friday night we went to Bill’s for dinner and cocktails and it was absolutely lush. It was so nice to be able to sit and really spend some quality time together, eating good food and drinking fancy concoctions of alcohol. I love a gin and so my cocktail of choice was the Elderflower and Apple Collins… not the best I’ve ever had and it appeared to come with an entire sprig of rosemary (which other than a strong smell was quite pointless overall!) but it did the job and was lovely and refreshing.

I wore an old River Island animal print dress I bought at Christmas; I love it, it wasn’t too ‘extra’ for a cosy date night and it fit perfectly with the awful rainy weather that graced us!

Saturday arrived and I had a fully fledged pamper day. I ended up sleeping in until 10:30 after being up until 03:00 the night before… I am currently reading Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult (my favourite author, may I add) and became so engrossed in my bedtime read that I totally lost track of time! I spent the remainder of the morning shaving and tanning, making myself glow so I could pretend I’d had a week in the Amalfi Coast like I so wish I had…

I headed to see Jess at Sharpe Faces early afternoon. I was off to a wedding on Saturday night which was GLITTER THEMED so I decided I’d have my face painted all fancy; Jess did such an amazing job!

I decided to leave my hair with my natural curls. My darling husband did me the pleasure of colouring my hair dark again this week after my stint of red and I’m fully embracing the natural hair at the moment. It’s wonderful having a hairdressing husband; he is so good at what he does and is constantly teaching me how to make the most of my thick, wavy hair! Keep your eyes peeled for a tutorial for how I get the look you’ll see in the next picture…

I felt like a Queen last night! It isn’t often I get dressed up so I went all out last night. Being in uniform all the time at work is so dull that I love any excuse to be a bit extra! I wore my favourite new Missy Empire dress and my friend commented on how expensive it looked… I paid £16 in the sale! Click on the picture to shop.

My friend’s wedding was beautiful. They had hired a field and placed a large tipi tent with benches, a dance floor and a fire pit in the centre which was excellent! It was styled just like a festival with flags, a glitter station, a food van and… AN OPEN BAR! I was driving so I only had one wine, but it meant I could enjoy the time with my friends and remember it all the next day. Waking up without a hangover was amazing- and how beautiful did she look?!

Not of course ending the night without an obligatory McDonalds stop… I have never felt so OTT in a service station in all my life!

Sunday, I woke up hangover free and ready for my last day off for 6 days with my husband. It has been so chilled out and I love Sunday’s just for that. We went to Van Hage to buy a fan ready for boiling nights this week with the forecasted sunshine (finally!), took the dog for a swim and had a lovely roast dinner at my father-in-law’s! What more do you want?!

Today I styled my Topshop cropped jumpsuit with a yellow Missy Empire tee. I’ve wanted some chunky trainers for a long time but nearing payday I decided to buy a quick fix – mine are from Primark and I love them! The whole outfit was matched with my SARA Watches – Hannah Martin silver watch! You can click on the link to shop and get 20% off using my code: amberinateacup (AD). Enjoy!

I’m now slumped on the sofa ready for a night in my comfy’s watching Love Island, preparing for a long 6 day stint at work… why, oh why, can I not be a housewife?!

How have you spent your weekends? Let me know in the comments!

I hope you all have wonderful weeks. You can see my daily posts on my Instagram.

Love, Amber xx

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