What kind of friend are you? My results!

Nowadays, I find it impossible to scroll through any form of social media without some kind of quiz popping up; ‘Which Eastenders character are you?’, ‘How old do you really act?’, ‘Who wears the trousers in your relationship?’, you name it, there’s a quiz for it! So, I decided to do one. I chose ‘What kind of friend are you?’, hosted by Psychologies.

So, without further ado, let’s see how I got on…

I loved school. At the ripe old age of 24, I now realise how school days were the best days of my life. How I long for 6-7 weeks off in the summer, 3 weeks off at Christmas and random weeks throughout the year. 6 years later it feels like a lifetime ago! Sitting on the field in a big group, laughing and joking, then immediately logging onto MSN to talk to the friends you saw just 15 minutes ago, where does time go?! Also, how embarrassing were our MSN email addresses? I’m sure I had about 50.

This was a hard one! My friends and I are all at such different points in our lives. I’m married and embarking on an ‘IVF journey’, my best friend is also newly married with a new job, another has just bought her first house and one has moved 3 hours away. I suppose all of the answers were relevant but with marriage and relationships being our day to day lives, it’s definitely the most covered topic!

My oldest friend moved to Brighton 2 years ago and it was honestly like losing my right arm. I didn’t even need to think about this. We still talk all the time so she is very much still the person I confide in, who supports me the most and I tell anything and everything to, however when she lived 5 minutes down the road, we literally did EVERYTHING together. I miss her so much all the time, but I am so proud of her following her dreams – she is killing it by the sea.

This was an interesting one. I am very hot headed and often my mouth speaks before I think, however it really depends on the circumstances when it comes to my main girls. I’m at a point in my life where I cut out toxicity and negative people in my life, but when it comes to my nearest and dearest, they should always be given a chance to explain themselves. I mean, tell me my dogs are ugly and I’ll never speak to you again; bail on me at an important event and there might be more than meets the eye. Let’s talk about it. It would have to be something major for me to cut my best friends off.

I love weekends when everyone gets together! Unfortunately life happens and these are few and far between, however when we do, Airbnb is our go to site. My husband had a big birthday a few months ago and so we all hired a huge house in Plymouth and spent the weekend there with a big Italian themed feast on the Saturday night. My hen do was the same, my best friend Chiara nailed that and we stayed in a beautiful Georgian mansion in Bath. Of course, we drank enough vino to drown a baby hippo, but our theme is always big houses in the middle of nowhere!

My friends and I really don’t talk as much as we perhaps should. I work awkward shifts and we are all at different points in our life so it isn’t as easy nowadays, but when I answered this question I did feel guilty that the effort isn’t ‘there’ as much as it used to be. The best thing about my girls is that over the last 9 months I’ve not had the easiest ride, yet despite not speaking for 4/5 weeks, they’re always there. If I was concerned about my pal, I would always send a message and make sure all was okay. I hate the idea of my friends not feeling they could speak to me.

Some of these questions were easy, this being one of them. We all have that friend who meets someone new and then disappears of the radar until there’s a bump in the road. I can’t say it bothers me too much. Unless I thought there was something really wrong in the relationship, it’s not my business. If my friend met someone new and vanished, of course I would send a message like “Hey, I miss you, when are you free?!” but we all have lives and as long as I’m not totally forgotten, I don’t mind at all! They’re not my property, after all.

It’s a shame ‘love of wine’ isn’t an option. My friends are from all different walks of life and I’ve met them all separately. I find I have different things in common with each of them. Luckily for me, they all get on too! I really think we all get on so well because we laugh at the same things. Our political stances are all different, things we do in our spare time are different, but ultimately we can all sit together (with a vino!) and belly laugh. Is there anything better than belly laughing? I think not.

I am very dramatic. This morning I had a total meltdown because there was only a small amount of Special K left in the box and the rest was the horrible dusty bits and I promise you, anyone who walked in would have thought my husband had said he killed a cat. M A J O R B R E A K D O W N. I am, a drama queen. I couldn’t cope with someone just as dramatic. We would go to Starbucks and had they run out of vanilla syrup, anyone would think they’d taken a wrong turn and walked into Broadway Theatre. I also love to host. I get a real kick out of having friends round and being the host that I’d feel like a contestant in Come Dine with Me if my friend loved it just as much. Personally, I choose my friends based on the energy I get from them. Someone who I can let my hair down with, relax and laugh until I cry is definitely someone I cling to.

How can I expect my friends to always be in a good mood? I’m not. Life isn’t always sunshine and roses so I can’t expect my true friends to act that way. I like to think I’m always a phone call away when my girls need me and as much as I’m nosey, I don’t need to be with my friends. This answer was a more personal one for me. I know my friends are real, they keep me grounded and tell me when I’m being a fool. However, I am quite insecure and there is occasionally a spate of anxious paranoia where I say or do something and wonder if they’ll be talking about me behind my back. A friend of mine once said “never trust a girl with no girlfriends” and I think this is so true. Girls are bitchy, fact, but my best friends are my best friends and I won’t have a bad word said about them.

Okay… so, some of this is true but some is WAY off the mark. My friends I have met from different points in my life and they all met through me at different stages. A clique, we most certainly are not. However, the description provided is almost bang on. Through thick and thin we are by each other’s side and when we are together, we have the best time. I love my friends and would literally do anything for them. After all, what is life if you can’t share it with those you love?

My girlfriends were the best bridesmaids!

Take the quiz here! Let me know your results in the comments and what you look for in a great girlfriend!

Love, Amber x

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