Who does she think she is?

You’re right! Who DO I think I am?! A blog? Shocking.

My name is Amber Izzo – like pizza is said ‘peetza’ I am Izzo as in ‘Itzo’, just to clear that up…

I am 24 years old and I live in the East of England with my husband and our two babies, in the form of dogs. One thing anyone who meets me quickly realises, is that I suffer from a major case of verbal diarrhoea. I talk as though tomorrow my voice is going to disappear eternally. I have approximately 70 million separate thoughts a day, one of which – ‘start a lifestyle blog’ – has popped in and out like a Jack in the Box for a very long time. I’ve always found the thought of starting a blog really quite nerve wracking, so I have decided to swallow my pride and crack on. So, here we are!

Why do this? I want to focus on common interests – things I love that I know you will too!

  • Beauty tips – I love trying new makeup and practicing new looks, is there much more therapeutic than painting your face? My husband is a hairdresser and it wouldn’t be fair if I kept the tips and tricks I’d learnt over the years to myself!
  • Fashion – I am no ‘fashionista’ and I will never be featured in a ‘best dressed’ column, however I love exploring new styles and a bit of retail therapy is something I will never say no to.
  • Food – I am a human vacuum cleaner and you can bet your bottom dollar it’s a constant fight between my dogs and I as to who gets the last chip. We all love to eat, right?
  • Travel – I am by no means racking up the air miles, however I love exploring new places, quirky finds and hidden gems not to be missed. With this in mind you can be sure to find my recommended spots!

I am so excited you’ve come to join me! Make sure you follow my Instagram (@amberinateacup) – you can find this at the bottom of my page, leave me a like and a comment and don’t forget to follow to get updates on my posts!

Love, Amber x


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